The Birth Story of Jacob | Birmingham, AL Birth Story Photography

The days leading up to Jacob’s birth, I was in close contact with his mom, Candis. She had made a little progress, but nothing significant. With 2 additional birth stories due at any moment on my calendar, I was a nervous wreck. Backup photographers are in place for each birth story that I take on, but the idea of missing a birth makes my heart drop. Dangerous weather, sickness, family emergencies, traffic james, even fast delivered babies…the unexpected happens, but I try my hardest to prepare and plan as much as I possibly can to be present for each birth.

During the early hours of Tuesday, June 7, I got a text that a client’s water had broken and they were heading to the hospital. Wednesday morning, another client calls and is being prepped for cesarean because she went into early labor. The one thing these two mom’s didn’t know was that Candis’s induction was scheduled for Thursday morning and I was praying I could make it to each of these 3 births! So when Thursday came around, I happily made my way to St. Vincent’s Hospital to photograph Jacob’s beautiful birth. 3 births in 3 days!

When I arrived at the hospital, Candis had progressed to 6-7cm and was visiting with her parents alongside her husband, JJ. The day was very laid back and quiet. A few hours passed by and progression ticked on slowly but surely. As Candis dilated to 10cm it was time for her to push! Pushing can be a little bit of a learning experience for first time moms, but she was doing a beautiful job of finding the balance between control and concentration. After a little over an hour of pushing and a little progress, the doctor came to check on Candis and the baby. With a quick check on the baby, the doctor realized Jacob’s head was turned. Let me just tell you that trying to push a turned baby’s head is TOUGH work and can be quite difficult. Luckily the doctor was able to turn Jacob’s head and the baby almost immediately started to crown. A blur of pushes went by and Jacob greeted his sweet parents with a wonderful cry and pouty lips.

As JJ and Candis studied their newly born baby boy, I was struck by how calm and happy they were. Their first moments were wonderful to witness and an honor to photograph. Grandparents spilled in the room to meet Jacob and were followed by uncles, aunts, friends, and everyone in between. This family is truly loved and I have no doubt that baby Jacob will feel that love throughout all of his days.

Congratulations to Candis and JJ! And now, here is Jacob’s birth story in photographs.
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