The Birth Story of Libby | Birmingham, AL Birth Story Photography

The Muller’s are a family that I absolutely adore and I love every single time we get to shoot together. When they found out they were expecting baby number 2 (a girl this time!), Brynnan knew that she wanted me at the hospital for another Fresh 48 session. As her pregnancy progressed, those plans quickly turned into me photographing the actual birth instead. With her due date in June and 2 additional birth stories already in my schedule, I started to sweat a little as her due date drew closer.

The Wednesday morning that Brynnan texted me that she was in labor, I was equal parts thrilled and a little bit in a panic. I had just wrapped a birth story on Tuesday and knew that I had an induced birth scheduled for Thursday. These 3 days were an absolute whirlwind! Since Brynnan went into labor on her own (2 weeks early), instead of making it to her scheduled c-section, so everything surrounding the OR prep was sped up to accommodate the original birth plan. That’s why I was in a panic, I did not want to miss this birth!

Grandview Medical Center was a welcomed sight as I pulled in and made my way up to L&D. As Michael and I put on our gowns and masks, Brynnan was wheeled away, in labor, to prep for the cesarean. Walking into the OR, I was struck by 2 things: it was very bright and very quiet. Obviously this was going to be a different type of birth story. Michael was right by Brynnan’s side, calming her nerves with some sweet, loving jokes. I took my place behind Brynnan and before I knew it, the blue curtain was coming down and Brynnan and Michael got their first glimpse of their daughter Libby.

Libby looked exactly like her Daddy, which isn’t surprising given big brother Charlie’s looks! Libby’s beauty was hard to ignore and was certainly hard to stop photographing. Weight, general checks, and skin to skin was next, along with a much needed rest in the baby warmer. Charlie came right over after preschool to meet his new sister. It was so sweet to watch him take it all in. Typically with older siblings, there’s a gift for them to open “from the baby” with their attention usually split between gifts and the new baby. Books and babies, that was his world in that hospital room. Family and friends started pouring in, and it was time to let the Muller family have some alone time. And just like that, they’re a family of four.

Welcome to the world, sweet Libby, it was a privilege to photograph your birth.

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