Ben’s Fresh 48 | Birmingham Alabama Fresh 48 Photography

Welcome to the world, baby Ben! He’s a third born and boy does he have 2 very excited siblings. His big brother, Jacob, was so gentle and loving while he held Ben tight and little sister, Lily, was the sweetest helper. She helped with the paci, helped with his hat, and got a few tickles in too. One of my favorite aspects of Fresh 48 sessions is the excitement around these tiny little humans and how a family dynamic immediately adjusts to it’s newest member.

If you’re new around here or a newly expecting parent, here’s what a Fresh 48 is. Fresh 48’s are shot in the comfort of your hospital bed anytime within the first 48 (or so) hours after baby’s birth and before discharge. Typically these happen the day after the birth so that mom and dad can get some much needed rest and if there are older siblings, they can join in on the fun the next day. Another favorite of mine for Fresh 48’s is the detail. Wrinkly hands/feet, the hair swirl, big yawns, their eyes trying to crack open as the bright light of the day hits them. These days are SO fleeting and the details can be the first thing baby grows out of as they get older.

I’m thrilled to share Ben’s Fresh 48 portraits with you. He’s already so, so loved by his precious family and I’m honored to have documented their first moments together.