Birmingham, AL Family Photographer | A Cheerful Day with The Yelton Family

It is so exciting for me to share this amazing family and their beautiful home with you today. If you want the gist of the entire session, just take a peek at the first photo. It was pure happiness and color. The Yelton family immediately made me feel welcome in their comfy, and might I add, drop dead gorgeously designed home. If ever you wondered what an in home lifestyle shoot truly looks like, look no further. I literally followed them around the house and just observed them playing, eating snacks, snuggling, building a fire, getting dressed, playing with the dog. This is what life looks like at home for them and I instantly smile when I look back at these images.

Their sweet boy, Roe, was wearing a cast at the time, and while that may slow down a other kiddos, Roe is a different story. He is ALL boy with a capital B! He climbed, he ran, he tackled, he flipped…he did it all, and with a big grin on his face. What a trooper. Allow me to encourage you to embrace what ever kind of season your family is in right now. Don’t wait for the perfect outfit, the perfect weight, the perfect age. Embrace what your family looks like right now and document it!

Before we dive into the goodness, let me show some major respect and love to Graham. She is a huge inspiration to me and has been for years, so getting to finally shoot with her family was a dream. She is an incredible photographer and graphic designer, not to mention a loving wife and mother. It’s always a little nerve wracking to shoot with a fellow photographer, but she and her awesome husband, Jay, made it nothing but a delight.

So…here they are!