The Best of 2018 Births

What. A. Year. 2018 was the most pleasant sneak attack as a birth photographer. We welcomed our 3rd born on February 28, so I knew that I’d slow down just a little bit after delivery. And I did…for about 4 weeks. The first two births I shot were in April and both fell at 5 weeks postpartum, it was quite the learning experience. The year went on, my baby girl got bigger, and the birth stories kept on rolling. It was an awesome year and I’m endlessly thankful to the 10 families that trusted me to come into their birth space and document their babies being born. It’s a tremendous honor that I don’t take lightly.

Since we’re rounding out 2018 and I love all of those “end of the year/best and worst/top 10 moments” lists that dominate media the last week of each year, I thought some fun birth facts would be a cool way to commemorate the year. So here we go!


1: There were 10 birth stories this year and those featured 6 boys and 4 girls.

2. Two of those babies were born via c-section.

3. The biggest baby weighed an even 10 pounds! Her rolls were amazing and holy moly was she cute!

4. I shot at 5 different local hospitals. Luckily no speeding tickets were earned while getting to each hospital in time.

5. The longest pushing for a birth was at 4 hours. The shortest pushing for a birth was 4 minutes. Both of those mothers have incredible stories to tell!

6. There were 19 weeks in the year that I was on-call. If you’re curious what being on-call is like, take a look at this blog I wrote


Congratulations to each of these precious families. They hold such a special place in my heart and I’m so thrilled with how 2018 turned out. Of course, I could never ever pick a favorite birth story, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say my very own birth this year was the highlight! Here’s to a birth and baby filled 2019! See you then.


c-section birth story in birmingham alabama grandview

Piper, born June 4

Brookwood Hospital birth story boy

Cas, born November 28

birth story photographer birmingham alabama

Avery, born July 26

uab hospital birth photographer alabama

Luke, born January 12

brookwood hospital alabama photography birth

Ellington, born September 24 (my birthday twin)

baby boy c-section birth story

Carter, born April 10

bham al birth photographer

Kyleigh, born June 18

uab photographer birth story

Cash, born September 1

Shelby Hospital birth story alabama

Ava, born June 3

baby boy birth story photographer alabama bham brookwood

Sawyer, born April 5

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